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User Warranty!

We thank you for your preference and would like to offer you 2 years warranty on your Crushious product.

This form is for the effect of product warranty registration.
In case you intend to enjoy this warranty, fill the form and mention the problem in the comments field, or contact us.

You have 60 days after the purchase to register your product to enjoy these exclusive conditions. Crushious does not sell directly to the public, the User Warranty is eligible only to valid registrations and independent from the warranty given by the store where you purchased the product.

We will not make total or partial reimbursements; we will replace the registered product in case of malfunction within 2 years of purchase date.

In case you have acquired more than one product from our brand, you shall register each product individually to enjoy our User Warranty.

We will not be held responsible for:

- Products not registered within the established term
- Misuse damage

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  • Payment for products on Pre-Order is made in full.
  • Payment is made at the time the order is placed.
  • Service subject to pre-approval.
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Dear Customer,

The purchase of this item is subject to certain conditions due to its location in our warehouse in Northern Europe. To ensure a quality and transparent service, we present below the conditions and advantages associated with these products.


  • Products stored outside the Iberian Peninsula are subject to a longer transit time.
  • Service subject to pre-approval.


  • Access to an even wider variety of products.
  • Benefit from exclusive offers available only in our Northern European warehouse.
  • Take advantage of the continuous expansion of our catalog.
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