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FAQ - Frequent Questions

General Info

What are the opening times?
From Monday to Friday you may contact us on this time frame:

9a.m. - 1p.m. and 2p.m. - 6p.m. (GMT)
10a.m. - 2p.m. and 3p.m. - 7p.m. (GMT+1)

Do you sell to the general public?
Crushious does not commercialize with the final costumer, but you may acquire your Crushious products through our partners, check it here.

Why can’t I see the product prices?
Once Crushious only sells to professionals, only users with a valid login can see the prices and concerning sales conditions.

How can I become a Crushious partner?

I do not own an adult novelty, cosmetic or lingerie business, may I still be your costumer?
No, Crushious only works with professionals in the area of trading adult novelties, cosmetics and lingerie.

I perform tuppersex meetings, may I be your costumer?
Yes, if you have a tuppersex meetings business you may register at our shop and become our costumer.
Please attach your business proof when registering at our store.

I have a store dedicated to the trade of erotic products and lingerie, what do I need for my account to be approved?
You need to register at our store and attach a business proof related to your online or physical adult store.

How do I register?
Please do your registration here.


What is the order minimum value?
We have no minimums.

I’m at the verge of concluding my order, may I make changes on my invoicing or delivery address?
Yes. On the check out process, you may update your addresses and even add any relevant note, for us or the courier.

How do I know that my order has been processed?
You will receive an automatic email with your order details.
You may also check you order status at Crushious homepage and in your order history.

May I make changes in my order after the check out?
Yes. Please send us an email, or contact us via phone or WhatsApp, confirming if such change may still be applied.
In case you wish to add products to your order, you may make a new order and place a note for it to be added to the previous order. (Always considering shipping times.)


How can I trace my order?
Every time you place an order, you receive a confirmation email. You may check our “orders history and details” at our homepage, to check the orders status or confirming data, any time you wish to do it.

After handling, when will my order be shipped?
We will proceed to shipping as soon as the payment is done, or proven by sending a payment proof, in the case of bank transfers. The order placed before 2PM (GMT) and paid until 4PM, Monday to Friday, and will be shipped on the same day. We do not guarantee the current day shipping of orders made after this stablished timetable.

My parcel got lost, what to do?
That is unlikely to happen, but if it does, we will fill a complaint to the courier and reship your order. In case of any inconvenience and the order is not fully served, we will issue a credit note of the missing replacements or an exchange in case you authorise it.

The parcel is damaged, what do I do?
In case you receive a parcel with visible external damage, signs of tampering, or an unusual adhesive tape, you shall alert the courier representant, and make a detailed complain on the delivery sheet and take a copy or photo of it. We also advise you to take photos of the damage, and open the box to check for damages items. In case this happens, you shall warn us immediately.

Payment and shipping costs

What are the available payment methods?

The available payment methods are, Stripe (visa, Mastercard or American express), bank transfer, SEPA direct debit (requires a previous consent, please contact us), cash on delivery (for Portugal and Continental Spain), ATM reference (Portugal), or cash payment on site, in case you pick up your order on our premises.

For more detailed information, please check our Deliveries & Payment policy.

What is the shipping cost?
The shipping cost will depend on the delivery address and the order weight. See here for more information.

Exchange & Returns

In which circumstances may I exchange or return a product?
We will only consider the exchange and return of defective products.
We advise the goods to be checked when received, avoiding the risk of passing the period available for products exchange or return, and eventual awkwardness when showing the products to your costumers.

Until when may I proceed to the exchange or return of the product?
You may exchange or return the product 15 days after receiving your order, and shall indicate us by writing on the form available in our store, the reason why you intend to make an exchange or return, and include if possible, photographs showing the defect.

How is an exchange or return process?
To request an exchange or return, you shall perform the following steps on our store:

My account => Returns => Create new request => Search product by name, EAN or our reference, beginning in CRU (check the bottom of the package)
=> Define amount of products sharing the same reference and hit Validate, our system will associate that reference to the last invoice where it is mentioned
=> Attach a photo for better detection of the problem (optional)
=> End the form clicking Submit.

How is the reimbursement made?
It can be made by issuing a credit slip to be discounted on your next order(s) or through a bank transfer to the account provided by you.

In case you still have any query, please contact us

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